Flexible multi component weighing system FW

Weighers and weighing systems

Used for adhesive, powdered bulk goods of all kinds with poor flow properties.

For use in the entire bulk goods area, e.g. food, milling and animal feed, building material, chemical and pharmaceutical industries*


  • Can be used for very difficult, aggressive bulk goods
  • Suitable for substances prone to sticking
  • Non-stick properties due to flexible tissue
  • Can be used universally as a weigher or a hopper
  • Assured product discharge by means of knocking devices
  • Prevents formation of product bridges
  • Reliable, complete emptying
  • FDA-compliant and hygienic design
  • Low-maintenance requirement
  • Cost-effective

Weigher/container design:

  • Flexible weighing hopper in rubber or special tissue with supporting frame
  • FDA-compliant rubber or tissue
  • Knocking discharge device for moving the hopper wall
  • Automatic discharge flap
  • Closure with any cross-section possible


  • Pneumatic or motor actuated knocking devices
  • Weigher closure as discharge flaps or closing rollers
  • Dosing closure as screw or discharge valve
  • Equipped with or without weighing system

* For enquires please state purpose and describe installation situation!

Flexible Weighing System FWS

Flexible Weighing System FWS

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