Pneumatic low dense conveying systems

Pneumatic conveying systems

Pneumatic conveying systems require less space and can be flexibly adapted to the requirements of the building. Only one pipe or one hose is required. During charging, in general rotary valves are used for dosing into the conveying pipe. Depending on the requirement, other charging systems can be used.


  • Designed as vacuum or pressurised pneumatics to suit the customer-specific requirement
  • Design of various performance and pipe geometries
  • Dust-tight conveying
  • Flexible pipework
  • Specific design of the separating systems
  • Conveyor systems designed compliant with the currently applicable ATEX guidelines

A dilute phase conveying system comprises:

  • Rotary valve or injection nozzle
  • Fixed or flexible conveying pipework
  • Receiving hopper for separating conveying air and product

Challenge us to design a system for your specific task!

* For enquires please state purpose and describe installation situation!