Permanent magnet PMag


Permanent magnet for powdered & granular products in free fall

The permanent magnet is used in various applications for separating our ferrous items such as screws, nuts, fine chips etc.

For use in all food, milling and concentrated fodder, chemical and other sectors of industry.*


  • Magnet size adapted to physical situations on different elevators
  • Optimal metal separation
  • High level of product safety
  • Dust-tight closed construction
  • Space-saving compact construction
  • Optimal accessibility
  • Cleaning opening protected using quick-action fasteners and limit switches
  • Low-servicing requirement design
  • Easy to disassemble, can be dismantled for servicing

Design of the permanent magnet:

  • Installed, e.g. in container outlets, gravity pipes ahead of filling machines and before components that require protection in various sizes
  • Housing material: var. stainless steels
  • With flange or clamp designs
  • In-house development and manufacture


  • Actuation:
    • Pneumatic
    • Manual
  • ATEX-compliant design

* For enquires please state purpose and describe installation situation!