Big bag filling machine-hygienic (BB 2000 S/V-hygienic)

Big bag and small bag systems

For hygienic filling of powdered products, e.g. milk, lactose, protein or baby food

Hygienic big bag filling machines for use in the entire bulk goods area, e.g. in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries*



  • Automatic, low-dust, accurate big bag filling with or without inliner
  • Design with suspended weighing
  • Pallet-less filling of big bags in a hygienic room
  • Hygienic separation of filling room and so-called black room by means of hygiene locks, e.g. closed by roller doors
  • Filling using inert gas possible
  • Ergonomic, low-servicing requirement design
  • Compact construction
  • Hygienic design


Design of the machine:

  • Robust, powerful, hygienic drive unit for moving as well as lifting and lowering the filling unit
  • Automatically actuated hook release
  • Dust-tight filling via pneumatic inflated bag clamp on the connection
  • Officially calibrated weighing
  • Room system solutions for hygienic conditions
  • In-house development and manufacture



  • Empty pallet magazine, cover sheet dispenser for pallet with transport systems (in the black room)
  • Vibration unit for compacting the product in the big bag (in the hygienic room)
  • Bag inflation unit using air or inert gas
  • Machine design also possible for potentially explosive atmospheres
  • ATEX-compliant design
  • Complete machine control system incl. room concepts

* For enquires please state purpose and describe installation situation!

Big-Bag-Filling Plant BB-2000 H/V-Hygienic

Big-Bag-Filling Plant BB-2000 H/V-Hygienic