Our quality

Product quality

We build every machine according to the individual wishes of the customer to certified DS Schüttguttechnik quality, ensure maximum cost-effectiveness as well and offer service also after completion.

These principles place the highest demands on our skills, and require the highest level of motivation, expertise and concentration from our employees.

We guarantee:

  • All machines are designed, manufactured, installed and serviced exclusively by our team. Every team member is aware of their responsibility to the customer.

  • To produce the most up-to-date machines, we work with advanced technology.

  • We react flexibly to your wishes and recommendations. It is never too late to improve something!

Corporate quality

Already in the second generation, the name DS Schüttguttechnik stands for machinery manufacture at the highest level. Every employee in our team is committed to giving their best every day to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

Quality management

Our machines process delicate, dangerous or particularly pure products. To ensure the flawless quality of these goods, we must plan, manufacture, install and service every machine with the greatest care.

Against this background it is a matter of course that we have undertaken a voluntary commitment to work according to the EN ISO 9001:2008 quality management standards and to subject our processes to regular checks.

Corporate philosophy

For our customers - the problem solver

High requirements? Tight schedule? Special requirements? We will solve them!

For ourselves – the perfectionist

Our customers want the best – and they must also receive it! Without any ifs and buts! For this reason we assemble for each customer a specific package of individual components tailored to the customer by, wherever possible, taking into account the customer's wishes in relation to manufacture and design. During this process we place particular value on addressing both our quality requirements and those of our customers each and every day.

You just need to decide, we do the rest.
Without exception, anytime, anywhere.
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