Combined big bag emptying systems (BE / SAS)

Big bag and small bag systems

For reliable emptying of bagged goods.

For ergonomic, hygienic and low-dust emptying in closed, automatic feed systems, e.g. conveyor screws, cellular wheel valves etc.


  • For charging both big bags and bagged goods
  • Big bag lifting feature using either chain hoist or suspended transport frame
  • Container construction with sizes to suit customer requirements
  • Stainless steel or mild steel designs
  • Container cover with big bag connection feature
  • Flap cover for charging bagged goods
  • Weighing possible
  • Walking, plunger or vibration charging systems can be used
  • Discharge aids such as mechanical or pneumatic discharge aids in the container possible as an option
  • Optionally with inlet wrapping unit
  • Feature for connection aspiration pipes to decentral filter systems
  • Emptying station can be equipped with filter unit instead of decentral filter systems

* For enquires please state purpose and describe installation situation!


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